We believe that a church should be a resource to the community. We aim to achieve this daily. Here are a few community involvement projects we are organizing. 

Feed Lawrenceville 2021

Since the global pandemic, many communities around the nation have been affected in many ways, including the lack of basic necessities of such as food. We were excited to support our community by providing boxes of food to families in need throughout the Lawrenceville community.

Breakfast in Hot Water

ACJC started the Breakfast in Hot Water mission to provide a warm breakfast meal to children in the town of Aguacilente. What started as a small project feeding a small group of 10 children in 2018 has transformed into a group of 50 children that are being feed a warm breakfast meal each week!

Back to School Drive

Remembering many of our first days of school can seem like a century ago. For most of us we never thought that a bookbag full of school supplies would be something we would go to school without. For many children in the city of Aguascalientes, Mexico, school can be very devastating with the limited amount of supplies and resources their country offers.

Christmas in Aguascalientes

Christmas is a time for family, friends, fellowship and giving. In America it is a holiday known and loved by many, but in the city of Auguascalientes, Mexico many witness it differently. Most children in the town of Aguascalientes are deprived of the opportunity to truly enjoy the joy of Christmas. ACJC is looking to change that, and bring Christmas to Aguascalientes.