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Some classify breakfast as the most important meal of the day, while others just appreciate the chance to have breakfast served just the way we like it “hot and ready”. In America, people overlook the value of breakfast while other countries like Mexico, Hati, and Venezuela lack the opportunities to enjoy breakfast daily. With that many families, especially ones with children, lack the opportunity to be provided a meal with all the basic necessities such as great protein, fruits and veggies, due to the lack of social economic status.

ACJC’s mission of “Breakfast in Hot Water” is to work with at-risk, vulnerable children in Aguascalientes,Mexico to increase the social, economical, and environmental conditions that children need to survive.

Upon the start of this mission we started a small project gathering 10 children in 2018, that has now grown to 50 children that are fed each week! Some of the valuable nutritious food items we strive to serve are beans, eggs, juice and tortillas that are made fresh and warm weekly! These children bring us joy and honor when we see smiles each day and bellies full of food! To them it means the world, to us it’s making a big difference!

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